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Confirmation Form 

Please complete the below Confirmation Form when confirming a job. All relevant information must be completed in order for a Template date to allocated. If you wish to complete a physical confirmation form please click on the below link and send to when complete. 




Is the flooring going to change inbetween template and install?


Sink (must be onsite for template)

Sink Delivery

Hob (must be onsite for template)


Accessories (must be onsite for template)

Special Instructions/Details

Upload Final Plans
  • I understand that only two site visits (1 template, 1 install) have been allowed for. I accept additional site visits will be charged, with notice, at a minium of $200+GST for template, and $400+GST for install, per visit, depending on location. 

  • I am aware that Hiab/Crane charges, if required, will be additional to the quote. 

  • I understand that this completed form serves as an Official Order. 

Thank-you for your confirmation! We will be in-touch. 

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